About PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq

PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq, member firms of PKF International, are regional, multidisciplinary business advisory firms with industry specific services. We offer outstanding opportunities, by providing international standard based services, to dramatically position our clients as pioneers in a rapidly growing business environment. PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq play a major role in business advisory including Consultancy, Auditing, and Tax Services.

Areas of experience include Finance, Taxation, Market Research, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Human Resource Development, Investment, Technology and Information Management, Quality Management, and Socio-Economic Studies. We also initiate an added value component where integration, consistency and reliability are effectively enforced. PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq high quality services help clients identify their business needs, improve, excel, cope with business fluctuations and accomplish their anticipated goals and excel.

Our team approach enables operating as integrated cells exposed to diverse industries. Words like creativity, innovation and flexibility generate great success within the firms’ services and culture, where PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq promise of quality, accuracy, speed, and value remain applicable in all deliverables. Relying on PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq beliefs makes our caliber professional. And experiencing our services makes clients distinguishable.

PKF Jordan and PKF Iraq services are designed to look after the best interest of the clients and protect their wealth. Our advisors thoroughly investigate the organization’s business cycle to innovate the most rewarding solutions.


Our Vision:
To be number one preference for companies in their selection of professional advisors.

Our Mission:
To assist our valuable clients upgrade their business performance and efficiency and help them gain competitive advantage for their business to succeed and excel.



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